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Laura Deutzmann, founder of Cacao Mexican Chocolate House

Get to Know Us

CACAO Mexican Chocolate House was born from our love for chocolate. The business idea emerged in 2014 and has been transforming to this day.


Mexican gastronomy is our treasure, its recipes, its flavors, and its history are immensely valuable, that is why it was decided to maintain and offer the traditional recipes for our Mexican chocolates to strengthen the bond with the Mexican Canadian community by offering them our products and sharing with Canada our traditional flavors and the connection with our roots, feeling Mexico in its sweets.

CACAO Website LOGO Black Background.png

Logo Story

Inspired in Mexican Tenango Embroidery

Logo FULL OF COLOR, with a design inspired by the Mexican TENANGO embroidery made by Mexican artisans in an ancestral way and a black background to highlight the colors.


The logo creates great attention. It is extremely important for the company to reflect respect for Mexican artisans and recognize their heritage.

CACAO Website short tenango.png

A Tenango is a style of embroidery from the Sierra Otomi-Tepehua region north of Mexican City. Colorful patterns are often carried out by a variety of animals and flowers in an almost fantastical approach. Tenango artisans also include "illustrators" who trace the designs on the blanket fabric.

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